Let me start by offering advice to anyone who is in the process of buying tiles for any type of DIY project. BUY AN EXTRA OF YOUR CERAMIC TILES BOX and store them away.


The reason I say this is because it is apparent that tile manufacturers change their styles and batches quite frequently. Therefore you may break or crack a tile, or even wish to extend your lovely feature ceramic tiled area only to discover that your style of tiles has been discontinued. Finding additional tiles if this is the case can be a real pain.


Right so it is all about working smart and hard. For those of you who are searching for any design of bathroom, kitchen or floor tiles here are my top 5 Tile Finder Tips




1) Go back to your original tile retailer (sounds obvious I know) ask them to really search their warehouse and stores. Do not just let a low paid shop assistant fob you off.


2) If the original retailer does not have stock as them to either contact the manufacturers on your behalf or you do it. You will probably need batch numbers and specific information which will help the tile makers recognise your ceramic tile easily. The Tile shop should be able to supply this, if you have any original packaging it is normally on there.


3) If the company that made your tiles does not have stock of the tile you are after ask them for a list of the ceramic tile shops they supply or even better a refined list showing only the tile retailers they supplied that specific ceramic tile too. Then starting with the nearest store ring them and get a search done. You will be amazed at the results this tip can get.


4) Assuming that contacting all the tile stores using my suggestion in point 3 come’s up blank there is another idea you could try. Ask your tile store if they could give you a list or contact on your behalf other customers they sold the same tiles too.  Now in the UK we have strict privacy laws and it may be the same where you live. So you may have to work with your friendly Discount Ceramic Tile store manager to help them find away of doing this which is both legal and ethical. It may also be appropriate to cover costs such as phone calls.


5) My final tip is actually a very effective way of broadening the net. Did you know that quite often bankrupt stock ends up for sale on the most popular online market places such as Amazon and eBay. Personally I prefer using Amazon. Anyway these types of stores can sometimes turn up trumps. Here is a direct link to Amazon  tile section.


Let me finish by saying I sincerely hope you find your ceramic tiles and that my tile finder tips will be useful to you.

This feature was born out of my total frustration at the world of ceramic tiles. If you find yourself in the position which I was in 6 months ago i.e. I needed to replace a cracked bathroom tile but could not source a replacement then help is on hand.

Tile Finding Detective – Use My Tile Finder Method

Top 5 Ceramic Tile Finder Tips

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